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All Because of a Facebook Post...

During the long commute this morning into work, I daydreamed while keeping my eyes open for the cops pulling people over on the Inter County Connector (ICC), which I think is called State Route 200? I’m not sure if it’s a highway or labeled as such. Been in Maryland for 3 years and I still haven’t figured some shit out. That’s the straight up truth. North Carolina was my home from 1990 – 2015, minus when I was on active duty and spent my two years in Iraq during combat deployments. But, back to the story.

After an hour-long phone conversation I had with a recruiter friend the prior evening, my head was spinning with the potential connections and corporate opportunities abound. Stories were corroborated and I was even more thankful some prospective opportunities never panned out. The drive in the morning proved to be a contemplative period, with my usual mix of music from my iTunes played through my car. I imagined giving a motivational speech to the first and largest batch of initial employees in my company following a major investment.

Side note, I had a dream once I received a $3.5 million investment for the company. That dream happened in the past six months. Just thought it prudent to mention that. Here’s hoping that’s a nice initial chunk of money.

I’ve learned so much about leadership from the military and the civilian world. I’m fortunate enough to have hands down the most amazing boss outside the military – EVER. More to follow on that. Yet, on the civilian side, I’ve learned how people can be self-serving, shady, cowardly, spiteful, aloof, and perhaps even a bit apathetic. I can proudly and honestly say that doesn’t apply to current company, just those beforehand. This also applies to some of the senior officers and noncommissioned officers I’ve served while wearing the uniform. Sure, on active duty there were some bad ones, but from my own experience the number of bad soldiers occurred more frequently and more recently during my time in the NC National Guard. Again, more to follow later. During my morning commute daydream, I thought about the leader I want to and am learning how to be.

After driving farther along the ICC, I then thought immediately to how this all started. One year after I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. One year after I had been working for a local software company in Wilmington, NC. One year after I took an entrepreneurship class and created an app idea where my professor said we should have turned it into a real business. One year into the real world of adulting.

It all started because of a Facebook post I was tagged in and then brought into a group conversation between three combat veterans, of whom I had served with. They needed a “tech guy” and I was supposed to be that guy. What came after is a long story, over 5 years, and with things moving into a direction I never thought possible.

It started December 26, 2013, at 7:17 p.m.

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