SUCCESS OR DEATH IS BASED IN MARYLAND. The blog highlights one veteran's journey through what it means to be an entrepreneur.

Welcome to the blog I like to call Success or Death...because, well, why not?

It starts with this: I am the bridge.

On May 9, 2018, this was the conversation I had with my ex-Navy friend Tony, driving on my long commute home from work. In time, my “I am the bridge” statement will make more sense, trust me.

The epiphany arrived out of nowhere. How could I summarize an entire software platform into one sentence rather than using an entire slide filled with a paragraph? I had the epiphany and then I put him on mute while I ordered my usual at the Wendy’s drive thru.

Tony understood. Finally, I captured it all. Then, the next day I asked my coworker if it made sense. She’s smarter than most people, so I didn’t doubt it. Then I asked what are the top two issues people face with medical records. She answered. I agreed and went into greater detail. I had been thinking about the summary since my conversation with Tony and then talking to Sarah at work the next morning.

I was hyped. But, before this, everything wasn’t always great. My journey cost me thousands of dollars, a marriage, friendships, and a ton of time. Out of the past few years, I never imagined I’d be giving my first pitch for what will be a multi million dollar company. I never imagined I’d be divorced. I never imagined I’d lose thousands of dollars because of false promises when connections weren’t vetted because of blind trust. I never imagined a lot of what has happened in my life. These are just some things. Both of my combat tours in Iraq never prepared me for what I was about to experience and then went through.

Is change the main player? Drive? Ambition? Luck? God? The universe? I don’t have the answers to those questions. Only a few of those things I have control over and that’s my drive and ambition and desire to do more and be better than I am today.

Perpetual improvement. Chasing dreams. Stay tuned as I chronicle my journey as an entrepreneur in progress.

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